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Learn how to start to tackle your own “why do I feel guilty when I relax” dilemma. It is rather common these days to feel guilty for taking time off work or relaxing on your days off. While it is common, it can feel really frustrating to have your mind continuing to be in productivity […]

Burnout, Somatic Therapy

October 27, 2023

4 Ways to Cope with the “Why Do I Feel Guilty When I Relax?” Dilemma

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When it comes to working towards recovering from burnout, it is common knowledge that rest is needed. And that is far easier said than done because rest is a bit more dynamic than laying on the couch or catching up on sleep. There is a difference between sleep vs rest. While sleep is important for […]


August 4, 2023

7 Kinds of Rest to Avoid Burnout

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