Therapy for Burnout in Asheville, NC

Note: My practice is 100% VIRTUAL and I offer state-wide telehealth in North Carolina and Oregon, not just Asheville, NC.

  • Often find yourself feeling irritable, anxious, depressed, and on edge

  • Your time and energy is consumed by work and life responsibilities and you have lost connection with your hobbies, interests, and maybe even some of your relationships

  • Find you don’t wake up rested no matter how much sleep you got
  • Can’t seem to find a way out of cycles of burnout, balancing work, life, relationships, fun, sleep, and self-care

  • Have a difficult time feeling present and feeling enjoyment in something

  • Find yourself in overfunctioning and avoidance patterns

  • Feel a sense of urgency and difficulty sitting still
  • Don’t know what your needs are

  • Fight your body’s cues to rest

  • Feel restless, and find you have challenges with sleep and satisfaction

  • While you have worked really hard to get to where you are in your career, you might be starting to question your career choices

Common Reasons People Seek Therapy for Burnout in Asheville, NC:

You’ve worked hard and figured out a lot of parts of your life, but maybe you’ve had some hard shit happen and previous ways of coping have stopped working. You're beginning to recognize how tired you are of others depending on you, feeling empty, disconnected from yourself, and lost with what's important in your life.

Hi, I’m Lexi-I am a licensed therapist and Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP). I specialize in providing therapy for burnout in Asheville, NC. I specialize in working with folks who identify as professionals, healthcare workers, and/or have a chronic illness.

It is possible to feel fully present in your life again, and I'm here to help as a Burnout Therapist in Asheville, NC

You wish you could turn your brain off and not think. You wish you could rest and actually feel rejuvenated. You want to engage in your hobbies or fun activities you either haven’t had time for or have lost interest in.

If this sounds like you and you are ready to work on feeling more content, present, and in tune with your body, let's schedule a consultation with a burnout therapist today.

You know you need a change.

Help you re-evaluate your boundaries and patterns of coping that may not be helping you move towards what you want

Teach you regulation and grounding skills to help you increase your capacity to be with more “stress” and respond in a way that is aligned with your values and your body’s ability to process it

Help you to learn to recognize your nervous system responses to stress so you can complete these stress responses.

Support you in evaluating your values and what’s important to you. I will support you in finding the right ways for you to start reconnecting to these things

In our work together, I will 

Our work is going to be more than just telling you to rest or sleep more or quit your job—because while that might feel tempting to give into those rage quitting daydreams, it is often not possible or the best approach for everyone.

I won’t lie-it is hard and can feel scary to address burnout. Your nervous system and body has gotten used to going through stress cycles and being in a state of urgency, doing, going, moving, performing, producing. So to ask it to do something different-it is going to feel uncomfortable, but that does not mean it is bad/wrong/not okay. We will work to build up your ability to be able to rest, relax, have fun--sounds odd to have to relearn how to relax and even have fun, and it is necessary when we haven’t flexed that muscle in a while. Going slowly with this process allows our mind and body to adjust to it, digest it, and not get overwhelmed (which might happen if we go too quickly).

My approach as a Burnout Therapist

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I get it-being stuck in cycles of burnout is next level exhausting and feels overwhelming to start tackling.  I am here to be a support and guide 

Are you ready to feel fulfilled, connected with yourself, and confident with what's important to you?

My practice is accepting and affirming for people of all identities, abilities, body sizes, and backgrounds. You are welcome here.