Hi there! My name is Lexi Gross (she/her), and I’m a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor. 

I have been through cycles of burnout and understand that there are so many influences setting us up for it, including some things outside our control. I know the sense of needing to stay in motion for fear of turning into a limp noodle and not being able to get stuff done again. I know the feeling of disconnection, feeling of missing out on something that everyone gets, like you’re interacting with the world behind a veil. I know the urge to keep fighting your body and not trusting it to act and react in the ways you want it to at work or in relationships.

As a therapist, I come from my own experience starting out as a highly sensitive kiddo who didn't know how to feel intense feelings and sought out high achievement, helping behaviors, and overfunctioning to cope. I went through my fair share of trauma like most humans (including quite a few chronic illnesses), and had to learn what didn’t work before figuring out what did help me manage, recover, and heal from it.

Are you ready to take that next step?

I enjoy helping my clients build skills, confidence, and self-assurance in their feelings. I love working together to find what’s really important, and to uncover what they really need and want out of life.

I came to somatic therapy, specifically Somatic Experiencing® (SE™), to learn what the heck my body was doing, figure out how to trust it, and learn to feel — not think — my feelings.

As a Somatic Therapist, I now love being able to help my clients learn about their bodies and nervous systems – and watch as light bulbs go off, allowing themselves to listen to what they need and want in a way that isn’t confined by work pressure or a to-do list.

I’m the typical Ashevillian, who loves her two dogs and hiking, running, and backpacking outside.

I love reality television shows — especially baking shows, dating shows, and Survivor — and making commentary on the shows, as if I’ve ever produced one myself.

I pride myself on being a nerd, and I love learning. I enjoy deep-diving into various podcasts and books relevant to my work, specialties, and otherwise

I love reading fantasy series, psychological thrillers, and books that shift perspectives on existential themes (further verification of being a nerd).

I love ferns and moss and small critters.

I have stopped trying to be the type of person who has flourishing house plants because I suck at caring for them. I am okay with my fake office plants. 

My personality, interests, and love of nature inform my work, too!

I want to see you thrive, too.

  • I earned my Master of Arts (MA) in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and certificate in Addictions Counseling from Appalachian State University in 2018.
  • I am a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor in North Carolina (NC LCMHC) and a registered out-of-state telehealth provider in Florida. I am dually licensed as a Licensed Clinical Addictions Specialist (NC LCAS) and a National Certified Counselor (NCC)
  • I am a Licesend Professional Counselor in Oregon (OR LPC).
  • I’m a Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner (SEP) . I’ve completed Somatic Experiencing® International's 3 year training to earn my SEP certificate. This includes over 200 hours of training and over 45 hours of SE™ case consultation work. I continue my learning now, as a SEP Assistant and assist faculty in the 3 year training.
  • I am trained in Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT).
  • As a chronic illness therapist, I live with and manage my own chronic illness. I have lived experienced with: CIRS, CFS, MCS , and SIBO. These were the result of toxic mold exposure. Fortunately after some time (and numerous doctors), I found the supports, doctors, and treatments that have helped me manage and thrive.

I’m here to support you through a combination of professional and lived experience. 

Media Appearances 

Podcast Interviews on The Chronic Illness Therapist Podcast Episode 7 and Episode 37 

Biz Radio Interview on Kindred Conversations with Aubrey Baptista
Listen here

I hope you know that you’re allowed to be fully human, in all its complexity. You can change your mind and your goals for your life.

I hope you know that “healing” doesn't mean you need to be fully embodied all of the time.

I hope you can see the hope and possibility of not always fighting your body, not always feeling stuck.

Can I share my hopes for our work together?

Are you ready to get started on that change together?

This change can happen slowly and at your own pace, and even taking small steps can help you on your path to recovery from burnout and trauma.

My practice is accepting and affirming for people of all identities, abilities, body sizes, and backgrounds. You are welcome here.